Places for co-working in Sydney

coworking-spaceLooking to set up your workplace in a coworking space Sydney? Then SME Village CBD would be the best option for you. They would help you find a professional workplace with co-working facilities at affordable prices. They can help you find the most suitable workplace for you, one that has all modern and basic amenities to cater to the needs of all business requirements of different professionals. Whether you want the workspace for a day or for a month or even for a mere business meeting with your client, SME Village provides you with all options which would enable you to connect with your client and work in collaboration in a proper business environment.

Facilities available

The space provided by SME Village would definitely be the best suitable space for your business, enabling it to grow to great heights. Some of the amenities available at their offices are as follows.

  • This coworking space has Wi-Fi set up with good speed as well as meeting rooms where you can easily conduct meeting with your clients.
  • Being located in the heart of the city in CBD, it is easily accessible by all modes of transport throughout the day.
  • Other facilities required for any business like HDTV, landline, white board and mail services are also present within this space, thus making it the perfect place for setting up your business.

Types of Memberships available

In order to avail the facilities offered by this coworking space, you need to enroll yourself to become a member of SME Village CBD. The various types of memberships which you can opt for based on your requirements are mentioned below.

Platinum: The best type of membership which would provide you the best facilities at affordable rates is the platinum membership. In this type of membership, you would get your own private desk with can be accessed anytime, i.e. 24*7.  Also, you would get the additional privilege of having the boardroom as well as the meeting room free of cost for eight and twelve hours respectively per month. Along with this, you would also get a chance you become a member of the SME Association which would help you connect with more clients. All this is available at a cost of AUD 770 inclusive of all taxes.

Gold: With this package, you can get access to the desk within the venue all throughout the day. However, the boardroom, as well as the meeting rooms, would be only available for four to six hours per month and free of cost. This can be bought for AUD 550 per month inclusive of GST.

Virtual Office: If you only want to use the address of the SME village for mailing requirement without having a physical office present within the space then you can enroll for the virtual office package at just AUD 110 per month.

For more details on their membership packages you can fill up the inquiry form available at their website and they would definitely assist you further in this regard. Their flexible options unlike those traditional serviced spaces would definitely help you find your dream workspace.

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